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Unix Accounts

How do I get a Unix account?

That depends--if you are majoring in computer science, computer information systems, or computer engineering, you can, at the very least, get an account on hermitcrab. For certain classes, you can also get access to the machines in the Computer Science labs. The latest instructions for doing so can be found in Room 175, Building 79.

How do I connect to the Unix machines?

Depending on which campus unix system you are trying to connect to, you can generally connect via telnet (remote login), ftp (to transfer files), pop3 (to check e-mail), or http (to view your website. A telnet session can be started (on windows) by selecting start-->run, and typing in "telnet <hostname>" (without the quotes and where <hostname> is the name of the machine you are trying to connect to.

To connect via ftp, you can either select start --> run and then type in "ftp <hostname>" without the quotes, and where <hostname> is the name of the machine you are connecting to, or you can download a program, such as WS_FTP, CuteFTP, and so forth which make downloading easier for those who prefer having GUI based ftp clients.

To connect via pop3, you need to configure programs such as Netscape Messanger (available as part of Netscape), Eudora, and so forth.

For information concerning which servers allow which types of connections, you should contact Clif Redding.

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