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Welcome to Michael Viron's Online Portfolio! It is a showcase for the many graphics that he's created over the years, including images for Simple End User Linux (SEUL), The Linux Knowledge Base Development Site, Michael Viron Online, Web Spinners Online, and an online project for Software Engineering II. Feel free to browse any exhibit inside this portfolio, and to contact Michael with any questions you might have.

Michael has experience with Paint Shop Pro, and Adobe Photoshop, and has some experience using Corel Draw 7. Michael also has experience utilizing many popular web design programs, including Front Page, Netscape Composer, and Hot Dog.

Michael has extensive experience at reworking generated HTML code from both Front Page and Netscape; and with both HTML and Cascading Style Sheets. Michael also has extensive web design experience as a developer, layout developer, content provider, and as a project coordinator.

Michael can easily be contacted via e-mail to mviron@findaschool.net.

Last Update: Sunday, June 3rd, 2009
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